ketamine therapy coralville iowa


Our Promise

At Corridor Ketamine we believe that teamwork is an essential part of providing the best possible healthcare experience for patients–and that starts by working collaboratively with you, their provider.

We recognize that we are not a patient’s primary care or mental health provider, but believe that what we do can work in tandem with their management plan. Our goal for those who seek our services is to be a place where they can receive safe, closely-monitored treatments that are in line with the current available published evidence


Research continues to prove that ketamine can be an effective part of a patient’s mental health plan, but like most things, it is not zero risk. Hemodynamic changes including increased blood pressure and heart rate are possible side effects, and in higher dosages, even airway events can present. As CRNAs we are equipped to handle all monitoring and take appropriate action if the need arises.

CRNAs are:
  • The predominant providers of anesthesia in Iowa. They are the sole anesthesia providers in 88 out of 117 hospitals in the state.
  • Trusted professionals with proven safety outcomes.
  • Accustomed to close monitoring of patients throughout treatments.
  • Exceptionally familiar with ketamine administration.
  • Airway and hemodynamic management experts.
It’s on these grounds that we feel we are capable of serving as fantastic teammates, able to safely administer ketamine in the clinic setting for patients suffering from TRD.
ketamine therapy coralville iowa

What to Expect

We want to highlight our commitment to measurement-based care. We are able to track depression scores in a visual manner and generate charts that can aid in more clearly recognizing treatment progress.
Our electronic medical record platform, Osmind, allows for encrypted, HIPPA complaint correspondence with providers. This enables us to send updates on a patient’s progression throughout the induction phase of treatment and moving forward into the maintenance phase. We respect that you have been managing the treatment course for these patients and we will strive to remain fully transparent while your patients are under our care.
What To Expect Page
ketamine therapy coralville iowa


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corridor ketamine therapy coralville iowa
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